"Underground Programmer Creates The Most Powerful Computerized ETF Trading System In History..."

After 2 Years Of Testing The Software Continues To Show 28.84% Gains... Even During The Recession.

Dear Investor,

If you’ve been investing in stocks for a period of time, you’re probably subscribed to several newsletters, maybe some membership sites… And you may have tried some of the automated software that GUARANTEES to make you rich… And chances are you were a little disappointed.

And of course there’s the stock market guru’s (Does Jim Cramer ring a bell?). These guys obviously know what they’re talking about… Oh, wait a second, I just checked on some “guru” recommendations….

Funny how they didn’t mention anything about the markets almost becoming completely wiped out over the last year… But I can’t blame them because…

The Smartest, Wealthiest Investors Have No Idea What The Future Holds For The Stock Market.

Don’t get me wrong, I subscribe to a few “insider” newsletters, and even though they cost me an arm and a leg some of these guys (Guys that I can count on one hand) have proven to be profitable over the years…. But even these guys didn’t see this massive crash coming…

Back in 2000-2003, I probably set a record for picking losing stocks… I’d go for high risk short term gains, and I nearly lost everything.

I was desperate to get my money back, I just had no idea how to do it. I tried some new trading systems, but nothing seemed to bring the results that I was looking for.

I was in panic mode… Banging my head against the wall wondering how I was going to get my retirement back on track… Pay for my kids college… And if things got much worse I was even worried about losing my house and putting food on the table… It was a very scary time.

I didn’t know where to turn… So I called up a good friend of mine who is a FANTASTIC computer programmer… But…

Even The Brightest Programmer I’ve Ever Met Didn’t Think That Anyone Could Create A Software To Consistently Turn A Profit In The Stock Market.

Aurel knows programming. He’s without a doubt one of the brightest guys I’ve ever met.

We got to talking about the computerized trading systems on the market, and I wanted to hear his thoughts on how accurate they where, if they could be improved, and if it’s possible to create something that can consistently out perform the market over long periods of time.

I wanted a “magic solution” to help me rebuild my portfolio… I didn’t think he could do it…

And neither did he… “Dave, if it could be done, it already would have…” I managed to convince him to at least take a look…

But The Results Where More Powerful Than Any Trading System I’ve Ever Seen… With One Major Flaw…

I wasn’t sure if Aurel could help me, but he’s great at talking me through my problems… quite frankly, he’s a pretty smart guy… After hearing this story I think you’ll agree with me… Here’s why.

Aurel is a programmer, and a fantastic one at that. He dabbles in the market, but he’s not a full time trader and focuses primarily on low risk, long term investments.

By contrast, I like to diversify my portfolio, but focus on short term growth and quick profits… (Don’t worry, this isn’t about risky short term growth.)

So, I contracted Aurel out to see if he thought he could improve on any of the computerized trading systems on the market… And what he found was nothing short of revolutionary.

“David, I Can’t Help With Your Portfolio… BUT…”

My portfolio was made up of hot stocks and speculative trades… Aurel couldn’t help me… At least not with the majority of my portfolio…

What he was about to show me completely blew my mind… I sold off nearly everything I had as soon as possible… For good reason.

Remember how I said Aurel was a fantastic programmer? I had him look at all of the automated stock prediction software I had on my hard drive…

He looked at the source code, the algorithms and all of the other technical stuff that I didn’t understand, and then he looked up and said “I have an idea”.

Aurel Had Found The Missing Link To Automated Trading Systems… But There Was One Problem…

Aurel said “Look, based on what I know about the stock market, these systems could be much, much more accurate… In fact there are 27 key indicators that could help IMMENSLY in predicting future results that not a single one of these programs is using…”

“I CAN exploit this, and I can make this virtually risk free… There’s one problem though, these loopholes won’t work with volatile or speculative stocks,

The big problem, for me at least, is that Aurel’s software can only work its magic with ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) and stocks that are low risk and long term… Why is that?

ETF’s Are Much Less Volatile Than Stocks, And That Makes It Easy For Our Software To Give More Accurate Buy And Sell Signals… Here’s Why.

I could talk all day long about the software, but let’s talk about the numbers. It’s pretty well known that ETF’s are generally long term, low risk investments…

One thing I DIDN’T know, was that there are several key indicators (27 To Be Exact) that have proven to be 85% accurate over our last 2 years of testing…

I’m not going to get into the programming talk or WHY this system performs so well… To be honest that stuff is gibberish to me and all I care about are RESULTS… And RESULTS are what we have.

I Personally Tested This Software For A Full Year Before Releasing It To The Public.

Once I found out what Aurel had put together, I couldn’t wait to get started. I put the system to use immediately, and showed a gain of 32.49% throughout 2007.

That’s when we knew we where REALLY on to something BIG. I invested in 22 different ETF’s throughout 2007…

And NO, the software doesn’t pick winners 100% of the time, if it could we wouldn’t sell it, but the winners consistently beat the losing trades, usually by a margin of 20% or more.

Low Risk Long Term Investments Are What We’re After.

If you’re looking to make a fortune overnight, then this is probably not the best trading system for you.

But, if you’re looking for the longer term investments that have proven to win over the last year, continue to win RIGHT NOW, and are predicted by the most sophisticated stock trading system I’ve ever seen to continue to be winners in the future, even in this economy, then ETF Trading Signals is the system that you’ve been looking for.

Let’s Take A Look At How Well We Performed In 2008… (These Are Picks Our Members Received, Not The Results Of Personal Testing.)

That’s A 9.16% Gain On AIU… The software told us when to buy and when to sell.

DBA Gave Us A 16.17% Gain In Less Than 3 Months.

Another 16.06% Gain Before We Sold In Just Another 4 Month Period.

Here We Made A Nice 16.73% Return In From April Through August Of 2008.

SLV Gave Us A Whopping 20.07% Return From January Through April Of 2008… All Thanks To Aurel’s Amazing EFT Trading Software.

Using recommendations exclusively from this software our portfolio gained 28.89% in 2008… Which is PHENOMINAL considering that the market lost around 40% on average during the same period of time.

These are some impressive gains for our second year using the software… And I already know what you’re thinking…

It’s NOT 2008 Anymore And We’re Facing One Of The Most Serious Economic Downturns In HISTORY.

That’s the REAL beauty of this software… It can spot buying and selling signals with the proficiency of a laser guided missile… Even during the worst recession we’ve seen in our lifetime.

All a recession means is that it will make less recommendations, because there are fewer low-risk/high reward opportunities… BUT

We’ve made some picks this year using this software, and they’re still on the rise! You can find out all about the in the members area… Even in this economy this amazing software still hunts down the most profitable ETF investment opportunities.

Want To See Some More Closed Trades From 2008?

Why The Recession Actually Makes This System Even MORE Effective.

You can see that the winning trades outperformed the losing trades enormously for our members throughout 2008.

What you can’t see above is the members area, full of open trades and new buying signals that are generating returns that are unheard of in this market…

Our system is proving to provide a fantastic exit strategy, so that losing trades are minimized and while we don’t always get the maximum gain from an ETF before exiting, our strategy is designed to be conservative and allows us to consistently earn 20%-30%+ gains on our investments.

Here’s What You Need To Know About How ETF’s And This Software Work Together.

ETF’s are generally longer term, low risk investments that can easily be traded for low fees. Here are just a few of the many benefits that ETF’s combined with this revolutionary software can provide for you.

Reduce Brokerage Fees: Since most of our recommendations have a life cycle of 4-6 months, you don’t have to trade as often… Depending on the volume you trade in you could save thousands of dollars in broker and transaction fees every year.

Works With Any Investment Account: ETF’s work with any investment broker that you work with, because they can be traded just like traditional stocks. No need to switch away from your favorite brokerage service!

Over 2 Years Of Proven Results: During our first year of testing we earned over 30%… Last year we’ve shown a 28.84% return… And that’s no accident. It’s a result of testing and refining our system to make sure it’s producing the most accurate and reliable buy and sell signals possible.

Here Are 2 Reasons NOT To Subscribe To Our Newsletter.

Here Are 5 Reasons You Should Give Us A Try.

Here’s How We Pick The Winners.

The software constantly analyzes over 700 ETF’s on a daily basis, and keeps track of our proprietary performance indicators.

We find those that are entering an uptrend and classify them by momentum, price action, and relative strength.

We then use this data to identify the top 3 ETF investments at any given time… When one is identified we issue a buy signal.

When one of our picks starts to break from its trend we issue a sell signal. We normally don’t buy at the lowest point, and we usually sell after the ETF peaks, but this allows us to show consistent gains without exposing ourselves or our customers to unnecessary risk.

Most of our picks are held for several months (Although it varies from one trade to the next)… This allows for long term growth and minimizes excessive trading activities…

Allowing you to focus on other things besides worrying about daily fluctuations on your investments.

Here’s Our Promise To You.

This is new proprietary software, we understand that. That’s why we’re taking out all of the risk.

Sign up and try it out. Just follow our picks, and if you’re a little weary don’t invest, just trade on paper.

This software has proven to perform better than anything else on the market over the last year and a half, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

If you wanted to purchase this software outright, we wouldn’t even consider any offers under 6 figures… But you can take advantage of our powerful trading system for a fraction of the price by signing up for our ETF newsletter…

And if you’re not completely blown away by the power of our software… If the results we provide don’t exceed your wildest expectations… If you’re not COMPLETELY 100% satisfied for ANY reason, simply send us an email within 60 days and get an instant refund of every penny you paid… But there’s more…

Here’s What’s Really In It For You.

Our 100% You Profit Or You Don’t Pay 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

We truly believe this is the most powerful ETF prediction software ever created, and our customers agree.

But we want to take all of the risk off of your shoulders… Try it for 60 days, if the tips provided in our newsletter don’t exceed your wildest expectations… If you’re not completely shocked by the results, simply contact us for an instant, no questions asked refund… You really have nothing to lose.

Take Advantage Of Our Special Introductory Offer.

While we’ve personally been using this software ourselves… Testing, tweaking and making sure that it’s the most accurate ETF trading software ever created, our newsletter is fairly new.

That’s why we’re allowing you to lock in your trial subscription for only $47. Once we have more performance data, we’re raising the price to $97 a month, and probably more after that… And it’d still be a fantastic bargain.

But you can lock in your membership today for only $47 per month… And if you decide to remain a member we will NEVER raise the price… So when new members are paying $97 or more a month, you still pay the introductory rate for the lifetime of your membership.

Here’s How To Get Started With Your 100% Risk Free Trial.

I know there are a million investment newsletters on the market, and even though I say ours is the most accurate when it comes to making profitable ETF picks, you have every reason in the world not to believe me.

I want to make it 100% clear that this is COMPLETELY RISK FREE for you. If you’re not happy with the performance of the picks, if you’re not happy with the customer service, if you’re not 100% completely satisfied you get your money back, no questions asked.

This is the only way I know to show you just how powerful our system is. I know that once you’re inside the members area… Once you see the immense value… Once you see just how much money this system can make you, you’ll want to remain a member for life…

But if you don’t for some reason, you can cancel anytime, and if you decide it’s not for you within the first 60 days, you get 100% of your money back… I don’t think I can make it anymore risk free than that.

Here’s How To Be One Of The First To Jump In On This Revolutionary Software.

If you’ve been looking for a trading system that’s….

Important: Our proprietary technology is the most accurate on the market, and we’re working hard everyday to make it more accurate and more profitable for our subscribers… Just one great pick, one great idea from our newsletter can change your life in ways that you’ve never imagined possible.

Try it risk free today, it may very well be the best financial decision you’ve ever made.

Yes! I’m Ready To Start My RISK FREE Trial To The Most Powerful Investment Software Ever Created… I Understand That…

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The price of subscription WILL be going up to $97 within 30 days, and even then it will be a tremendous value.

I understand that this subscription could very well change my life in ways that I can’t even imagine.

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You Will Be Billed $47 Today And $47 A Month Until You Cancel. You May Cancel At Any Time.

This software was previously only available to myself, my programmer, and a small handful of investors…

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Best of all, we’re taking all the risk here. If you’re not completely amazed at how accurately our software makes buy and sell recommendations just ask for a refund… If we aren’t helping you we don’t want your money.

Just try it for 60 days… Paper trade the picks to see how they perform if you don’t want to risk your money on it… We’re sure you’ll be satisfied but if you’re not simply contact us within 60 days for a full refund.

This software can be life changing… The 32.39% gain in 2007 and the 28.86% gain to my portfolio last year was life changing for me. Jump on board while you can, I guarantee it very well may be the best decision you’ve ever made for your financial future.

I’ll see you on the inside!


David Dorian

P.S. You’re standing at a crossroads. This could very well be one of those decisions that impacts your life in ways that you can’t even imagine. And we’re taking all of the risk. Try it today, I guarantee you won’t be dissapointed.

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